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Proc Soc Indon Biodiv Intl Conf

Proc Soc Indon Biodiv Intl Conf vol. 1, Juli 2012

Aims and Scope Proceedings of the Society for Indonesian Biodiversity – International Conference (Proc Soc Indon Biodiv Intl Conf) is an annual publication of the Society for Indonesian Biodiversity (SIB) that published selected-presented papers on the conference. The proceeding encourages submission of manuscripts dealing with all aspects of   biodiversity and climate change that emphasize issues germane to biological and nature conservation, including agriculture, animal science, biochemistry and pharmacology, biomedical science, ecology and environmental science, ethnobiology,  genetics  and  evolutionary biology,  hydrobiology,  micro- biology, molecular biology, physiology, and plant science. Presented manuscripts with relevance to conference theme that transcend the particular ecosystem, species, genetic, or situation described will be prioritized for publication.

Article The proceeding seeks original full-length research papers, short research papers (short communication), reviews, monograph and letters; especially for the research conducted in the Islands of the Southeast Asian reign or Nusantara, but also from around the world.
Acceptance The acceptance of a paper implies that it has been reviewed and recommended by at least two reviewers, one of whom is from the Editorial Advisory Board. Authors will generally be notified of acceptance, rejection, or need for revision within 2 to 3 months  of receipt (or as scheduled by the committee). Manuscript is rejected if the content is not in line with the conference scope, dishonest, does not  meet  the required quality, written in inappropriate format, has incorrect grammar, or ignores correspondence in three months. The primary criteria for publication are scientific   quality.   The   accepted   papers   will   be   published   in   a chronological order.

Copyright Submission of a manuscript implies that the submitted work has not been published before (except as part of a thesis or report, or abstract); that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; that its publication  has been  approved  by all  co-authors.  If  and  when  the manuscript  is accepted  for  publication,  the  author(s)  agree  to  transfer copyright of the accepted manuscript to Proc Soc Indon Biodiv Intl Conf. Authors shall no longer be allowed to publish manuscript without permission. Authors or others are allowed to multiply article as long as not for commercial purposes. For the new invention, authors are suggested to manage its patent before published.

Submission The conference only accepts online submission, through e- mail to or another designated email address by the committee. The manuscript must be accompanied with a cover letter containing the article title, the first name and last name of all the authors, a paragraph describing the claimed novelty of the findings versus current knowledge,  and  a  list  of  five  suggested  international  reviewers  (title, name, postal address, email address). Reviewers must not be subject to a conflict of interest involving the author(s) or manuscript(s). The editor is not obligated to use any reviewer suggested by the author(s).

Uncorrected proof(s) will be sent to the corresponding author by e-mail as
.doc or .docx files for checking and correcting of typographical errors. To avoid delay in publication, proofs should be returned in 7 days.

A charge The cost of each manuscript is determined by the conference committee.

Reprints One copy of proceeding will be supplied to authors; reprint is only available with special request. Additional copies may be purchased by order when sending back the uncorrected proofs by e-mail.

Disclaimer No responsibility is assumed by publisher and co-publishers, nor by the editors for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a result of any actual or alleged libelous statements, infringement of intellectual pro- perty or privacy rights, or products liability, whether resulting from negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any ideas, instructions, procedures, products or methods contained in the material therein.

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