The effect of zearalenone mycotoxins administration at late gestation days on the development and reproductive organs of mice



Abstract. Irnidayanti Y. 2012. The effect of zearalenone mycotoxins administration at late gestation days on the development and reproductive organs of mice. Nusantara Bioscience 4: 1-5. Zearalenone was injected subcutaneously with a dose of 30 mg/kg body weight to pregnant mice on the 13 to 16 days. Control was given only sesame oil. Control and treated mice were killed on day 18 of gestation by cervical dislocation. Observations of maternal body weight, reproductive performance, external and internal malformation were conducted. Histological analysis of fetal ovaries, uterus, and testes were also done. The results revealed that administration of zearalenone to mice at late gestation was not teratogenic. Zearalenone caused a tendency that the primordial follicles and follicular cells relatively decreased in number and the number of the degenerate primordial follicle relatively increased. Effects of zearalenone on the uterus caused a significant increase in the height of lumen epithelial cells and in the thickness of the uterine wall were significantly. The lamina propria and myometrium started to differentiate. In the male fetus, zearalenone caused a tendency deacrease in number of the Leydig cells.

Key words: zearalenone, primordial follicle, follicle cells, uterus, Leydig cells.


Abstrak. Irnidayanti Y. 2012. Pengaruh pemberian mikotoksin zearalenon pada umur kebuntingan lanjut terhadap perkembangan dan organ reproduksi mencit.Nusantara Bioscience 4: 1-5. Zearalenon diberikan pada induk mencit bunting pada umur kebuntingan 13 sampai dengan 16 hari secara subkutan. Mencit kontrol hanya diberi minyak wijen. Mencit kontrol dan perlakuan dibunuh pada umur kebuntingan  18  hari  secara  dislokasi  leher.  Pengamatan  dilakukan  terhadap  berat  badan  induk,  penampilan  reproduksi,  kelainan eksternal dan internal. Pengujian juga dilakukan terhadap histologis ovarium fetus, uterus fetus dan testis fetus. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pemberian zearalenon kepada mencit pada umur kebuntingan lanjut, tidak bersifat teratogenik. Zearalenon cenderung  menyebabkan  folikel-folikel  primordial  dan  sel-sel  folikel  primordial,  relatif  jumlahnya  menurun  dan  jumlah  folikel primordial yang berdegenerasi relatif meningkat. Pemberian zearalenon menyebabkan bertambah tingginya sel-sel epitel pada lumen uterus, secara signifikan dan bertambahnya ketebalan dinding uterus secara signifikan Lamina propria dan miometrium sudah mulai berdifferensiasi. Pada fetus jantan, zearalenon cenderung menyebabkan penurunan jumlah sel-sel Leydig.

Kata kunci: zearalenone, folikel primordial, sel-sel folikel, uterus, sel Leydig

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