Diversity of secondary metabolites from Genus Artocarpus (Moraceae)


Abstract. Hakim A. 2010. The diversity of secondary metabolites from Genus Artocarpus (Moraceae). Nusantara Bioscience 2:146-156. Several species of the Artocarpus genus (Moraceae) have been investigated their natural product. The secondary metabolites successfully being isolatad from Artocarpus genus consist of terpenoid, flavonoids, stilbenoid, arylbenzofuran, neolignan, and adduct Diels-Alder. Flavonoid group represent the compound which is the most found from Artocarpus plant. The flavonoids compound which are successfully isolated from Artocarpus plant consist of the varied frameworks like chalcone, flavanone, flavan-3-ol, simple flavone, prenylflavone, oxepinoflavone, pyranoflavone, dihydrobenzoxanthone, furanodihydrobenzoxanthone,  pyranodihydrobenzoxanthone, quinonoxanthone, cyclopentenoxanthone, xanthonolide, dihydroxanthone.
Key words: Artocarpus, Moraceae, flavonoid, Diels-Alder, secondary metabolites.

Abstrak. Hakim A. 2010. Keanekaragaman metabolit sekunder Genus Artocarpus (Moraceae). Nusantara Bioscience 2:146-156. Beberapa spesies dari genus Artocarpus (Moraceae) telah diteliti kandungan bahan alamnya. Metabolit sekunder yang berhasil diisolasi dari genus Artocarpus terdiri dari terpenoid, flavonoid, stilbenoid, arilbenzofuran, neolignan, dan adduct Diels-Alder. Kelompok flavonoid merupakan senyawa yang paling banyak ditemukan dari tumbuhan Artocarpus. Senyawa flavonoid yang telah berhasil diisolasi dari tumbuhan Artocarpus memiliki kerangka yang beragam seperti calkon,  flavanon, flavan-3-ol, flavon sederhana, prenilflavon, oksepinoflavon, piranoflavon, dihidrobenzosanton, furanodihidrobenzosanton, piranodihidrobenzosanton, kuinonosanton,
siklolopentenosanton, santonolid, dihidrosanton.
Kata kunci: Artocarpus, Moraceae, flavonoid, Diels-Alder, metabolit sekunder.

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