Reprint and subscription

Reprint and annual subscription charges

Upon acceptance it is required to remit the sum of IDR 250,000,- plus postal cost or IDR 150,000,- for SIB members (no postal cost) to the Nusantara Bioscience together with the galley proof. There is free of charge for non Indonesian author(s), but need to pay postal cost for hardcopy.

The annual subscription fee for the printed version are IDR 200,000 within Indonesia and USD 100 for overseas. The subscription will entitle the receipt of all issues of the journal annually.

The payment must be made to Nusantara Bioscience by sending us the cheque to the address below or by direct electronic transaction to:

Nusantara Bioscience

Attn: Prof. Drs. Sugiyarto, M.Si.

c/o Graduate Program
Sebelas Maret University
57126 Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

– or –

Account Name: Sugiyarto
Account No.: 0033684628
Bank: BNI Bank
Bank Swift Code: BNINIDJA

Please submit the subscription form to the adress above or email to

Download the subscription form here.